After reading the Apalachicola Times article of July 27 ( See “CDBG funds for mobile homes all gone,” pg. A1) and watching the county commissioners’ meeting of July 18, part 3 online, I was sickened by the cynical, sardonic remarks and jeering, sighing, giggling and eye-rolling directed at the grant administrator.

What about all the new SHIP houses built in Apalachicola and Carrabelle, did that not bother the commissioners? The CDBG is a federal grant, and SHIP is state, but aren’t they both government? I know the people who received trailers in Eastpoint are most grateful; however, if given a choice, would prefer a house like the people in Apalachicola and Carrabelle. The grant money is for helping and it would not be wise to spend or waste it on old, moldy trailers, who would think otherwise? Other counties use the CDBG and SHIP grants to help those who qualify. What is all the ruckus about? Think about it, hmmmm.

Martha McClesky