I recently visited your town with my daughter and granddaughter. We enjoyed going into the shops and talking with some of the locals. It was nice to see that it has not been over commercialized the way so many cities along the "forgotten coast" have been.

We drove around town before leaving and decided to walk through the old cemetery. The first thing we noticed was the iron fence that has fallen over in so many places. As we walked in we saw how many of the stones needed cleaning or repairing. It seemed such a sad and forsaken place when it should be a historical focal point of your city.

It seems that the people buried here have been disrespected by the condition of the cemetery. I realize this takes money but surely there are volunteers who could do a lot to make some improvements in the appearance or perhaps a grant could be found because of the historical value. This has bothered me since I left three weeks ago. If I lived there I would definitely help.


Naomi Walker