In 1957 tourism was a developing economic engine in the county, even while seafood was flourishing. The state was busy building and upgrading roads to lure visitors to the coast, and carloads of baby boomers were taking the ferry to visit St. George Island.

Our Chasing Shadows question this week is: Does anyone know the last names of Betty the accordion player and Ida with the magic voice? If you know, please call the Times at 653-8868 or email Lois Swoboda at


Is Apalachicola becoming a speed trap?

More and more we hear of apparently useless and unnecessary arrests being made within the city limits, especially so if it concerns an out-of-state car. Each week brings on additional listings to the already growing list of persons who have been stopped for breaking the speed law and other citations.

Now we firmly believe that safety on the highway is essential, but there is such a thing as “carrying the ball too far.” It has not been too long that our district was blackballed by the traveling public because of the many arrests that occurred in our neighboring city and the effects of such a procedure readily show on the businessmen’s cash registers and brought unfavorable publicity to the section of the Big Bend area. Tourists were enrooted around the city by the National Automobile Association.

Apalachicola can ill afford to have this stigma attached at this time, when we are making an all-out effort to attract residents and tourists within our ranks and we believe that some of this “efficiency” could be disposed of. If not, in the near future, there is bound to be an investigation and then the livelihood of some of the more ambitious ones may be sharply curtailed and they may have to account for some very embarrassing situations. It has happened before and it could happen again.


Hollywood Club to feature live talent

Henry H. Berman, formerly of Hollywood, California, and new owner of the Lanark Café, which has been renamed The Hollywood Club, has announced he will feature live entertainment each Friday and Saturday evening from 7:30 to 11 p.m.

Mr. Berman was formerly with the Blackhawk Café and the Hollywood Club and has the knowhow to serve a most delicious dinner and will serve the best foods prepared in its own kitchen and will feature a daily special.

Entertainers who will perform nightly in the air-conditioned restaurant will be “Betty” with her accordion and “Ida” the girl with the magic voice. They invite you to stop in and see the new floor show and partake of the wonderful food the next time you dine out.


Largest pogy boat fishing in local waters

The “Tiny Tim,” the world’s largest menhaden boat owned by Smith Fisheries, is now fishing in waters off the capes in Apalachicola along with two of her sister boats, the Al Cubbage and Triton.

The “Tiny Tim” was constructed for this company and is over 200 feet long and has a freezing capacity of 2.8 million fish and carries a crew of approximately 40 fishermen and crew.

The freezer makes it possible to fish away from home many days and still maintain the quality of pogy. When it reaches the home port and the plant as they are put into sharp freeze immediately after leaving the water.

Processing is done in the plant in Pascagoula, Mississippi and it takes about 16 hours to make the trip from there to the cape.

They have been fishing these waters for the past two weeks and, according to Norman Maddox, the quality of pogy this year are well above standard and are producing much oil and the supply at the present time seems to be plentiful.


TV, reduced ferry rates makes island popular

Franklin County is very fortunate in having in our midst the wonderful beaches that St. George Island has to offer and with the lowering of ferry rates effective Monday, more and more persons are visiting the island each weekend with many spending their vacation at one of the cottages they have to rent or in the cottage of a friend or relative.

With the Fourth extending into a four-day holiday for many, the crowd of fishermen and bathers are expected to set a record crowd of visitors in this “wonder spot of the Big Bend.”

For the many who have who have not had the opportunity to visit the island they may view the beautiful beaches on WCTV Tallahassee six times a week.

Reduced ferry rates make it possible for families to weekend on St. George Island and enjoy the surf fishing and bathing facilities now that children under six may ride at no cost and the rate for adults is 25 cents each way, with driver and car only 75 cents.

Many are taking advantage of the home sites that are being offered on the island and the building has stepped up since the developers have taken over management of the ferry scheduled trips.



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Reliable party wanted

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News from Carrabelle

With the Witherspoons


On the past Sunday afternoon we were invited by Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Chason for a car trip to see the dam at Chattahoochee and this was really a wonderful trip and a sight that I believe I always wanted to see.

We not only enjoyed the sights but was amazed to see the shorter distance by going out the new road towards Liberty County.

For the information of many readers we mention that the distance from Carrabelle to Hosford is only 43 miles by the new road and this compared with about 72 miles on the Sumatra road. Also the distance to the dam at Chattahoochee showed 84 miles.

This new route is going to bring much new traffic our way and the road is in fair condition and paved to the Liberty County line.



News has been received in the past few days that Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Yarborough are the proud parents of twin boys. Mrs. Yarborough was the former Vivian Thompson and one of our Carrabelle girls. At present they are making their new home in Jacksonville and Wesley continues with Uncle Sam’s Navy. Congratulations to this fine couple.