While the district continues to wrestle with a lackluster year of test results for elementary and middle school reading and math at the Franklin County School, there were some excellent results within the district when it comes to the annual end-of-course exams at the eighth through 12th grade level.

Perhaps the brightest spot was in the Algebra 2 and American History classes at Franklin County High School.

Ninety percent of the 30 students enrolled in Algebra 2 were at proficiency or better, 41 percentage points better than the state average, and better than the performance in both Gulf and Wakulla counties.

There were no 1s, and only 10 percent were 2s, which is half the state average for Algebra 2. Half the students were at Level 3, about twice the state average, and nearly a quarter of them were level 5s, 10 percentage points better than state average. The number of 4s were also ahead of state average.

Unfortunately, the teacher responsible for the excellent performance, David Cochrane, has relocated to the Tampa area, together with his wife Kim, also a teacher.

In terms of Geometry, about 39 percent of the 64 students at the high school showed proficiency, about 15 percentage points below state average. The mean scale score was at 494, just slightly below the state number of 499.

In terms of Algebra 1, 79 percent of the 14 Apalachicola Bay Charter School middle schoolers showed they were proficient, 15 percentage points better than state average. At the Franklin County School, 58 percent of the 33 students were at proficiency, just four percentage points below the state average.

In terms of American History, 75 percent of the high school’s 59 students showed they were proficient, eight percentage points better than the state average. The numbers of 3s and 4s both exceeded state average, while the numbers of Levels 1s and 2s were below state average.

The only glaring weak spot in the end-of-course exams was the performance in Civics at the Franklin County School, where only about one-third of the 67 students were at proficiency, well below the state average of 70 percent.

At the ABC School, the test results of the 31 students showed 84 percent proficiency, well ahead of the state average. In addition. ABC had 26 percent at level 5, better than state average; and 39 percent were Level 4s, 18 percentage points better than state average.