Mia, the famous dog that was found chained to a log, with neck injuries after deputies visited her home with an unrelated warrant, has found a home.

After treatment by Eastpoint veterinarian Dr. Hobson Fulmer, Mia was cared for at the Franklin County Humane Society by Karen Martin and her staff before being adopted out to a loving Carrabelle couple.

Tony Kroeger and his wife Laura Garey have committed to raising Mia, and Tony said they and Mia couldn’t be happier. “She’s doing great,” he said. “Getting her out of the kennel is really helping. She’s still pretty timid around things she doesn’t recognize.

“We’re working with her though and that’s helping her get used to life outside the kennel into a loving and stable environment,” Kroeger said. “The humane society did such a great job with her. Seeing the pictures of her before, she’s come so far from there.”

After a non-jury trail in May, County Judge Van Russell on June 2 handed down a sentence to Amy Anderson that included 50 hours of community service at the Humane Society for animal abuse.

“She will spend her time at the Humane Society caring for our pets,” said Martin. “And will hopefully come to understand that dogs are to be loved and cared for, never neglected or abused.”