Sheriff A.J. Smith is asking Chasing Shadows and all of you to help solve a kind of mystery. He wants to create a gallery of all of the former sheriffs of Franklin County. He has photographs for each of Franklin County’s chief lawmen beginning with J. T. Bragdon in 1918 but he hopes family members can provide photographs for earlier officeholders.

The following is a list of former Franklin County sheriffs beginning with the very first, Nathan Baker who served in 1831: Peter Gautier, 1840 (see photo above); Henry Williams, 1841; Charles Shepard, 1843-44; John Lucas (Lucase), 1845-49; Benjamin Lucas, 1849-51; Clinton Thigpin (Thigpen), 1851-59; Henry K. Simmons, 1859-62; John Benezet, 1863-65; Adam Woodbury Hunter, 1865-67; Henry L. Grady, 1868-69; Robert Knickmeyer, 1869, W. H. Quaile, 1874; Wm. B. Neel (Wm. H.), 1874 and 1893-1904; Henry Hutchinson, 1874; Edward T. Raney, 1877; John Teabold (Theobold), 1878-83; S. A. Floyd, 1883-85; John J. Berry, 1885-87; William C. Pickett, 1887; William O. Kew, 1887-89; E. M. Montgomery, 1889-93; Arthur B. Gibson, 1904-17; and J. H. Hose, 1917-19.

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