The peacocks that strut their stuff at Sportsman's Lodge have run-a-fowl of the law.

On April 4, owner Edda Allen was served with a civil citation by county animal control because the four birds are "causing a ruckus around people's houses." The citation carries a $50 fine.

Allen's husband Bob was irate that the beloved birds were being singled out.

"I wish I could say I'm sorry the peacocks cause a ruckus," he said. "But twice a year the birds lose their feathers and go through a molt, after the baby peacocks hatch off.

"But when the father comes back, it's time for all male peacocks to stay away from the female peacock, while on the nest," he said.

Bob Allen said Franklin County residents and visitors need to remember that East Point is not incorporated, only Apalachicola and Carrabelle, and that the county owns half of Indian Creek plus the park.

"There is over 40 male and female birds loose, as they are fearsome jungle birds, and if they come into your yard, remember this - you will not have any snacks or many other unwanted problems," he said. "An eagle got a baby peacock after getting all my ducks. The peacocks saved the baby baby peacock and whipped all the fathers off the eagle."

Allen encouraged people to go to Google Plus - Indian Creek - Eastpoint FL to read more about the matter. He cnouraged people to stop by the lodge, or call him at 670-8423 if they want to help preserve the peacocks.

"We have given away over 200 birds," he added.