A recent article on the Oyster Radio website indicated that the Florida Senate is proposing increasing the homestead exemption in Florida to apply to the first $100,000 of the home’s value. An increase in the exemption amount reduces the taxable value of the property and results in lower property taxes.

The article further stated that the Franklin County commissioners have already issued a letter requesting the proposal be amended so that in Franklin County this exemption increase (i.e. property tax reduction) would not apply to us homeowners in Franklin County.

I believe the Franklin County commissioners are doing a disservice to Franklin County homeowners in requesting that we not receive this homestead exemption amendment which is being proposed for the rest of the state. Many of the higher-valued homes are not eligible for any homestead exemption as they are vacation homes owned by persons not residing here, so they would be receiving no reduction. The proposed property tax reduction which the commissioners are fighting would apply only to us who currently make Franklin County our homestead.

We with current homestead exemptions live here and are the ones who voted the commissioners into office. To deny us a reduction which the rest of the state may be afforded is a slap in our collective faces. You commissioners need to be more fiscally responsible rather than trying to deny us some property tax relief which is being proposed for the rest of the state’s homeowners. Shame on you.


Stephany Railey