Just when I thought it was over, God spoke "It's your time to speak"

I had no understanding of what He wanted me to do, Several months passed with this still on my mind. I continued to ask "God, what do you mean ‘speak?' Lord you know this is something I don't do, speaking out to a crowd.”

As God continued dealing with me again, again and again tugging at my heart, I still wanted to know the meaning of what he was telling me. After a few months passed, I began to have this gut feeling in my stomach, and as in a daze God began to show me what he wanted me to do.

Through a vision he commands me to tell my story of the rainy days a well as the joyful days. As days passed I pondered on his command ,I was in the process of planning a party but I knew that my directions for my party were now going to change. Because of the vision and leading of God, I will tell my story of how God has favored and re-created me through my creations.

To God be the Glory for the things He has Done.

Everyone is invited to join Felicia Rhodes in her Dedication to the Lord at 4 p.m. on Saturday, March 25 at the Holy Family Community Center, at 201 Dr. Frederick Humphries Street. For further information call Rhodes at (850) 323-0730.

I am no longer in bondage, I am free and a living testimony.