During the week of March 3 to 9, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commissioner Officer Matechik was on patrol in the Cash Creek area when he saw a subject in a vessel working a net. He could see a large pile of net in the vessel and approximately 200 pounds of mullet in the vessel. When asked how many nets he had, he responded that there were four nets on board and two of the nets were tied together. The subject said the nets would probably be more than 500 square feet.

Due to the nets being wadded up, they were seized for further investigation. Officer Richardson responded to assist and they were able to stretch the nets out at the Carrabelle field office. The first nets that were tied together measured 4,096 square feet. The second net measured 1,260 square feet. Charges are being filed against the subject.

Matechik was on patrol on St. George Island when he saw a vessel and a subject working a net. When he got closer, he saw that it was the same subject he cited the week before for oversized nets. During his inspection, the subject told the officer that there were nets tied together and told him where they were tied together. In all, there were four nets tied together and another net in the vessel. The subject had approximately 100 pounds of mullet on board along with miscellaneous fish.

Officer Richardson responded to assist and the officers seized the nets and transported them to the Carrabelle field office to better inspect them. The total square feet of the first nets tied together was 4,619. The second net in the vessel measured 342 square feet. Charges are being filed on the same subject for multiple net and fishery violations.