Last Saturday morning Apalachicola Main Street volunteers performed a clean-up and began some improvements to the Bowery District.

Jim Bachrach, Augusta West, James Floyd, Will and Jody Rosenbaum, Ed Springer, Constance Peck, Ouida Sack, and Leslie Wallace-Coon participated.

The Bowery District is beginning to experience a renaissance and we want to support that process. In addition to a clean-up, we wanted to spruce up the streets. Crosswalks and parking spots were badly faded and in need of fresh paint. Investing a little of our time in these things sends a visual message that the Bowery District is an active, vital part of our downtown business district.

Our group trimmed crepe myrtles on Commerce Street, edged and swept sidewalks, picked up litter, cleared dirt from gutters, applied fresh paint to three crosswalks, freshened the paint on STOP lettering on the pavement and repainted parking spots that had almost entirely faded away on the north side of Avenue F between Commerce and Water Streets.

“We plan to hold a series of workdays to continue the striping project. Painting parking spots on Commerce Street between Avenues F and G is next on the list. Doing this right is time consuming but it is a huge improvement,” said Jim Bachrach, Main Street board chair.

Main Street’s youngest volunteer is my son. Now almost 5, James Floyd has been volunteering since he was 2. His contributions to last weekend’s project included trash pickup, sweeping, distributing water to other volunteers, and painting part of a STOP stencil on the pavement at Commerce and Water Streets.

“I liked painting the T and part of the S in STOP,” he said.

In addition to Main Street projects, he’s participated in the annual coastal cleanup and picks up trash on his own from parks and playgrounds. I’ve tried to teach him the importance of helping others, serving the community, and protecting the environment. James has really taken this to heart and I’m proud to have him serve as Main Street’s youngest volunteer.

Augusta West is executive director of Apalachicola Main Street, a non-profit organization dedicated to downtown economic development and historic preservation. She can be reached or (850) 274-1321. Main Street's mailing address is 1 Avenue E, Apalachicola, FL 32320