I am appalled by Mr. Clatto leaving our school system. Why is he leaving? When Mr. Clatto was hired to be the Franklin County Schools’ principal, he inherited a mess. He did ruffle a lot of feathers when he first arrived, mine included. Mr. Clatto has brought consistency and stability to the FCS campus that has sadly been missing since the schools consolidated years ago. Out children need consistency and stability in their lives. The faculty and staff need the same consistency and stability as well. Franklin County School has had numerous principals since the inception of our campus.

Franklin County Schools will not prosper going down the same road every year. FCS needs to stop being a steppingstone for advancement of coaches, teachers, principals, etc. FCS needs a principal that wants to put down roots, educate his children, and see those children graduate from our school district. Mr. Clatto wants to be that person.

Mr. Clatto knows our children and they know him. He inspires these children to do their very best. He gives a pep talk on the stage every morning and reads a quote in them. A lot of our children do not come from a home with a strong male role model. He is that Man to our children. It does not matter what grade he comes in contact with, the kids Love him. Mr. Clatto uprooted his family to move here and be part of the Seahawk family. He has a great vision for our future; please give him an opportunity to fulfill this for the children of Franklin County.

Mr. Clatto has brought pride and a sense of community back to the faculty/staff and the student body. Please give him a chance to implement the programs that he so desperately wants for our children. He has given our children a belief that they can succeed with an education, a desire to better themselves. Our children deserve the best and that includes keeping Mr. Clatto as our principal and Mrs. Rudd as our vice-principal. We are only as good as our leaders, and leaders they are.

If you want to see Mr. Clatto’s inspirational daily speech, be in the cafeteria by 8 a.m. He will inspire you also.


Abbie Gail Shiver