When the announcement was made more than a decade ago, that the Greensteel factory with its innovative construction business would come to Carrabelle, there was great joy at the small town’s economic development success. The business was to employ and train local residents to help produce structurally appropriate homes and buildings for this hurricane-prone state.

For a variety of reasons, the business was unable to succeed in this location. It is, however, now successfully operating in a neighboring state.

A decade later, the innovative GUSC business also chose to site its factory and operations in Carrabelle. Again, economic development success seemed hopeful with skilled employment opportunities and a rebirth of the abandoned and vandalized Greensteel factory building.

Now, for a variety of reasons, the GUSC operation will also leave Carrabelle. GUSC will move to a neighboring community where incentives and support are being developed to help assure the company’s success there.

Both company leaders selected Carrabelle as their first choice of business locations. But now, both companies have moved on to demonstrated success and opportunities in places other than Carrabelle.

For a variety of reasons?

Mel Kelly

Proud to serve as mayor of Carrabelle 2005-07