In response to some misinformation shared by Mr. Aaron Wray in last week's letter to the editor in the Apalachicola Times (See March 2 “What’s best for our children?”) these are the facts.

There were five offices moved over Christmas break at the district administrative offices facility. Four rooms were painted with leftover paint from FCS facility projects. To create a mail station, an old sink that was out of order was replaced with leftover countertop from a job at the school facility. The existing mail room was cleaned out and turned into a fingerprinting and photo ID room. FCI donated many inmate labor hours to move furniture, clean and paint at the district administrative offices facility. The only purchase made in the moving process was bleach to pressure wash the mold off of the buildings. The Superintendent's Monthly Financial Report can be accessed from the FCSD website, and is on the monthly school board meeting agenda for public review.
The superintendent purchased athletic tennis shoes for each student at the Alternative School; as well as for students off of the “giving tree” at FCS and ABC. Mr. Eddie Money gave the students a Seahawk long-sleeved shirt from his business. Mrs. Sunny Stultz donated zip-up fleece jackets through her homeless liaison services fund. These students were not on any giving tree or other school list for students in need of items. The donations came from individuals, out of the goodness of their heart, to show these students that they are important, and deserving of good will.
The school board and superintendent are operating the district with fiscal responsibility and conservatism. Various grants have been applied for, and no awards have yet been made.
The school board and superintendent are focused on closing the current school year out successfully. We are in the budget and strategic planning process. Student registration is being held in March, rather than over the summer, to gain a better perspective on projected student enrollment and staffing needs. No staffing assignments have been made for any position in the district, for the 2017-18 school year at this time.

The Franklin County School Board and Superintendent are committed to providing all of our students with the highest quality education. All Franklin County citizens are encouraged to attend monthly board meetings, contact Superintendent Moses or your school board member, to address any questions or concerns. A Franklin County School District Advisory Council has been formed; the next meeting is March 9 at 3:45 p.m., in the Franklin County School Media Center. Please continue to support our students, staff, and community!

Traci Moses is the superintendent of the Franklin County Schools. She can be reached at, or by calling the district office at 670-2810.