PeoplesSouth Bank would like to congratulate Melanie Williams for her promotion to vice president of its Apalachicola location at 58 Fourth Street in Apalachicola.

A native of Apalachicola, Williams has spent her entire 27-year career committing herself to banking and to the customers she serves. She is the treasurer of Habitat for Humanity of Franklin County, and also has served on their board of directors since 2010.

After moving to Tallahassee in 2006, Williams returned to the Franklin County community in 2008 to once again serve her hometown banking clientele. She brings immense knowledge of the banking industry as well as extraordinary work ethics, excellent customer service, and dedication to her customers, clients, co-workers and PeoplesSouth Bank.

“I am incredibly honored and blessed to say that I work at PeoplesSouth Bank, a bank that goes far beyond just being ‘a bank,” she said. “I welcome anyone to call me at 653-9828 or stop by for a visit at 58 Fourth Street in Apalachicola.”