Can you feel it? Those of us in the room this past week could. A plea was sent out by Dustin Gatlin, the youth minister at Eastpoint Methodist Church, for ALL denominations to come together and attend and boy did they, on Feb. 6.

When was the last time you heard of 13 different pastors, our sheriff, leaders of our schools, prison, local government officials be in the same room with the same goal in mind? Franklin County families are being torn apart and everyone knows why. The question remains the same, how do we glue them back together?

Do we implement drug prevention programs in the schools? Yes!

Do we need safe spaces for our kids? Yes!

Do we need to create positive activities for our youth? Yes!

Do we need to help bridge the gap between prison time and jobs? Yes!

Do we need rehab programs that work? Yes!

Do we need to bring our whole community together to fight this epidemic? Yes!

If you feel the revival and want to be involved call Dustin Gatlin at (615) 293-1811 or email him at