At the Feb. 7 county meeting RESTORE Coordinator Alan Pierce told commissioners several designs are under consideration to repair storm damaged roads on Alligator Point.

Pierce said the 1100-foot section of road from George Vause to Tom Roberts will be a single project. The county has proposed two alternate schemes to return the road to prestorm condition.

One proposed design would be to place conventional sheet pile along the road at a cost of approximately $2.2 million. An alternative plan is to rebuild the rock revetment along the road using very large stones. The cost of that project is estimated at $4 million.

The county would have a matching requirement of 11.5 percent, which means it would need to supply $250,000 for the sheet pile or $450,000 for the rock revetment.

The matching funds would deplete the Bald Point Trust Fund that has provided matches for repairs on the peninsula for the past 20 years. Pierce said it was possible the state would issue a waiver for the match.

He said the cost of the projects would probably trigger an environmental assessment and cost/benefit analysis by FEMA, which would add three to six months to the permanent repair process.

Pierce said the damaged road from Tom Roberts to Chip Morrison will be dealt with as a separate project. He said asphalt and concrete rubble will be removed from that site and the original rock revetment repaired. Pierce said FEMA is allowing the repair of the surface only as a 9-foot wide bike path not as a two-lane road.

He said the state has not responded to the county’s request that Florida accept responsibility for maintaining the roads on Alligator Point.