In reference to last week’s story (See “Ms. Wilson goes to Washington,” Feb. 2, 2017 Times), sorry, but I think the center front page, big font, black print three column story with two three-column photos was completely uncalled for.

A newspaper is supposed to be unbiased; maybe you tried to balance with the smaller font, one-column story, one-column photo, bottom of the front page about the Woman's March, which I attended with 40 locals, both men and women, in the intermittent rain (See “Locals join in Tally rally,” Feb. 2, 2017). It should have had equal footage. WE were part of over 600 such marches that Saturday.

WE were about ALL of US. Not just one well-heeled woman who travels in society. She's female yes, but does she have any idea what it's like to walk in the shoes of those whose rights have been denied, or are about to be denied if this new government has any say so? I doubt it!

Shame on you for publishing such a "one-sided slap in the face" piece, worthy of only the society page of the NY Times.

Sharon Sleeper