A Texas man, stranded on his sailboat off of little St. George Island, was rescued Saturday evening after he managed to call the sheriff’s office minutes before his phone went dead.

Alexander Nordhus, 51, of Waco, Texas, was rescued by two Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers about six to seven miles southwest of Bob Sikes Cut, not long after he called in the sheriff’s office shortly after 5 p.m.

Nordhus was able to provide the coordinates for his location before the signal died. The sheriff’s office said he told the dispatcher he had suffered fractured ribs, possible bleeding and had dropped anchor.

FWC Officers Rice and Boyd were first to arrive at the 30-foot Morgan sailboat, where they transferred the injured man on to their vessel and transported him to the cut, where Weems Emergency Medical Services had staged an ambulance.

Bekah Nelson, an FWC spokeswoman, said doctors found Nordhus had several broken ribs on his left side, and kept him overnight. “He was attempting to set the anchor and a wave came and knocked him down,” Nordhus told officers.

Sheriff A.J. Smith thanked all the first responders who participated in the rescue, including Lt. Brad Segree, as well as Sgt. Alan Ham, and Sgt. Dwayne Coulter, who were off duty when they responded. “Awesome men and women serving and protecting you,” Smith wrote on Facebook.