Apalachicola Bay Charter School seventh grader enjoys his fantasy.

As in reading “Lord of the Rings.” and “The Hobbit” and “The Maze Runner.”

“It’s where they get trapped in a maze and they have to find their way out while there are monsters attacking them at night,” he said.

But one thing that isn’t a fantasy was his victory last month in the district spelling.

After six rounds of the competition, three students were left standing, Cook as well as ABC fifth grader Alex Sterling, and eighth grader Elizabeth McAnally.

As that round got underway, Sterling misspelled “mesa” and then McAnally misspelled “fatigue,” giving Cook a golden opportunity to clinch the round and the win,

He correctly spelled “chronic,” and then was handed his championship word, “bevel,” which he nailed for the victory.

“I was excited,” said Cook, son of Steven and Stephanie Cook, and older brother to Brennen.

To determine a runner-up, Sterling correctly spelled “Olympian ,” and after McAnally misspelled “graffiti,” Sterling then spelled “sierra” correctly to win the second place title.

Cook will compete this month at the Big Bend Regional Spelling Bee in Tallahassee, where he will be among district-level winners from 15 counties in the North Florida/South Georgia region who vie for the opportunity to spell at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C.

The district spelling bee was held Jan. 25 at Chapman auditorium. Volunteer judges were Beth Wright, Bonnie Fulmer, and Karen Kessel. Apalachicola librarian Caty Green was pronouncer for the students, and provided rules and directions to all students participating.

Franklin County School grade level winners included fourth graders Kirsten Barron, and Sarah Ham; fifth graders Lonnie O'Neal and Corbin Pritchard; sixth graders Alondra Jimenez and Kelsey Martina, who was absent; seventh graders Brianna Cardwell and Tyra Jackson; and eighth graders Veronte'Aira Lee and Tressie Edwards.

ABC School grade level winners were fourth graders Issabella Nations asnd Jazmyn Pavon; fifth graders Sterling, and Avery Pharr; sixth graders Kylah Ross and London Scarabin; seventh graders Nico Valenzuela and Cook; and eighth graders McAnally and Jadyn Luberto.

As much as he likes reading, Cook said his favorite subjects are science and math. And he has his heart seat on excelling in baseball and basketball in high school.