This letter is to let you know that I and my family oppose the new CVS Pharmacy Store at the corner of Highway 98 and 9th Street.

When my father moved to Apalachicola a couple of decades ago, he was attracted by the historic area and natural beauty. Over the decades, family and friends have all come to love historic Apalachicola. It is a place that is NOT built up with strip malls and big sheet glass storefronts that define so much of strip mall America. In fact, about the only way to escape strip mall America is to come to Apalachicola. That’s why so many people make Apalachicola a travel destination.

When I learned that Apalachicola was considering allowing CVS Pharmacy to start strip malling Highway 98, I was shocked. Previous generations have saved this unique town and Apalachicola has a reputation as a beautiful historic area. To change course now and allow the strip mall king, CVS Pharmacy, to start strip malling Apalachicola right in the middle of the historic district is abominable. I think everyone in Apalachicola appreciates that tourism brings in a lot of money and jobs and helps our many businesses be successful. To give up this unique position now is crazy. Please say No to CVS Pharmacy.


Pete Whitesell