Emma Louise Thompson, born Oct. 2, 1936 in Sweetwater, Alabama, joined God in Heaven on Sunday, Jan. 15, 2017, surrounded by family and friends at her home in Eastpoint.

She was preceded in death by her parents Wiley Jones Chapman, Sr. and Gertie Mae Chapman, sisters Martha Elizabeth Perkins, Ann Thompson and Fritz Foxhall, and beloved brother Wiley Jones Chapman, Jr.

She was preceded in death be her beloved daughter Elizabeth Ann Gordy, and survived by grandchildren Jody, Jacob and Jessica Gordy, and great-grandchildren Emma and Edward Gordy, Sarah Gordy.

She was survived by beloved daughter Terry Louise Thompson, and preceded in death by grandson Christopher Ashley Thompson, and survived by great-grandson Robert Levi Thompson and great-great-grandson Carter Alexander Thompson, and great-grand-kids Ashley, Holly, Cailin, Andrew and Haiden Thompson. She was preceded in death by granddaughter Holly Bridgette Thompson. She was survived by grandson Jeremy Russell Nowling, great-grandsons Clay and Samuel Nowling, grandson Robert Zachary Thompson, great-grand-kids Madalyn, Max and JC Thompson, grandson Jesse James Thompson, and great-grand-kids Shaylen and Gage Thompson. She was preceded in death by great-grandson Landon Thompson, and survived by great-grandsons Cameron and Levi Thompson.

She is survived by beloved son Robert Elba Thompson, Jr. 'Bobby' and wife Penny Rotella, granddaughter Angela Sheree Thompson, great-granddaughters Almee, Teagan and Johnna Young, grandson Bruce Roscoe Rotella, great-grand-kids Little Roscoe, Smokey, Lilly and Braxton Lathaniel Rotella, grandson Dominick Rotella, great-grand-kids Nathan, Shannon, Shelby, Little Nicky, and Cheyenne Rotella, daughter-in-law Zondra Thompson, granddaughter Marvis Hali Thompson, great-grand-kids Elizabeth, Zidah and Daimian Adams.

She is survived by beloved daughter Billie Jo Byrd, grandson Johnny Carmichael, great-grand-kids Emily Segree and Michael Hill, granddaughter Heather Hicks, great-grand-kids Aiden, Kelsey and Riley, grandson Casey Richards, great-grand-kids Brantley, Jaydann and Madysann Richards.

She is survived by beloved daughter Romana Annetta Dean, grandson Lelon Gilbert, great-grandsons Ashton, Cyler and Lelon Jase Gilbert, grandson Caleb Gilbert, great-granddaughter Kinzlee Gilbert.

She is survived by beloved son John Wayne Nowling, granddaughter Shelby Nowling, great-grandson Noah Tarantino, grandson Colby Nowling, great-granddaughter Aubrey Nowling.

She is survived by numerous adopted children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, family and friends.

Her house was always open, her heart was always giving, her hand was always there to help anyone in need. She will be greatly missed.

The family would like to give a special thanks to the First Baptist Church of Eastpoint, pastor Doug, Sonny Crosby and all the member of the church. The service was beautiful and made easier thanks to them being there.