On Jan. 11, Donald Trump held his first press conference in 168 days. It was more a harangue without really answering genuine questions or concerns. A CNN reporter was pointed at accusatorially and called “fake news.” Whereupon he pivoted to a reporter with Breitbart, the company of Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon. Breitbart is the primary voice for the Alt-Right, more accurately described as white nationalist propaganda in the estimation of many.

The following 20-plus minutes gave us his bankruptcy attorney with a pile of folders purportedly to be the myriad sources of his business interests. They may have been old copies of Playboy or New York City take-out menus as there was no outside verification offered. All the American public really wants and needs to see are copies of his income tax returns. And you’re wrong Donald when you said that it was only the people in that room who were interested in this. The IRS has said being under audit does not preclude him keeping his promise to publically show them? What is he hiding? This would explain if he does, in fact, have conflicts of interest in his business dealings and finances. Where is the public and press outrage at this lack of transparency?

Now a report has surfaced that there is a move contemplated to remove the White House press corps pool from the West Wing to an outside annex! The excuse for this being bandied about is to give the press more room! This is chilling to anyone who believes a free press is the cornerstone of our constitutional democracy. Control of access in any form to our leaders should never be allowed. That is the first step the Nazi regime took in the 1930s. And look what Trump’s hero Putin has systematically done to journalists who oppose him? Not a safe profession in Russia.

Did Trump voters expect to lose their health care without a simultaneous replacement that hasn’t been yet outlined? Senator McConnell brought a repeal vote of the Affordable Care Act to the Senate floor in the wee hours of Jan. 12 and allowed no discussion as he called for a roll call vote. They have had seven years to formulate a plan or to work with Democrats to fix existing problems. “Buyer’s remorse” seems to be setting in across the country, even in the red states whose citizens voted for him. Wonder if they’re realizing the “drain the swamp” was also a lie?

Fasten your seat belts America, we’re in for a very scary and troubling ride until the midterm elections of 2018 will hopefully bring back checks and balances to Congressional carte blanche.

I already miss the decency and integrity of President Obama and Vice-President Biden and their families.

I’ll not be turning on my television set on Jan. 20. But I’ll be watching the Woman’s March in Washington on Jan. 21, looking for my daughters among the hundreds of thousands.

I pray every night that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has a long and healthy life.

Mrs. Patricia H. Cohen

St. George Island

Brookfield, Connecticut