I am well aware that Franklin County voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. I believe they did so because of a genuine disgust with the status quo. They believed that Donald Trump would be different, would help them restore the prosperity and dignity they knew in the past.

I believe they are mistaken. Mr. Trump is a rich man and his Cabinet choices and history show that he favors the wealthy. Of course, we all want to be wealthy, but Mr. Trump's brand of wealth is one where he gets more while you and I get less. I saw a statistic showing Mr. Trump and his Cabinet own more wealth than one-third of all Americans. So, where did they get all that wealth? From you and from me, and there is nothing planned to reverse that inequality.

On the contrary, the policies of our government, Florida state and federal, tend to increase inequality--the estate tax is an example. A high estate tax destroys inequality over the long run, while a low or absent estate tax does the opposite and would create an American nobility.

We don't deserve to descend into peonage, feudal serfs serving the lords and masters. That is not the great America Mr. Trump promised, and I might be wrong, but I predict that is what we will get.

There is a way to move forward and it involves politics beyond the traditional Republicans and Democrats. Watch for the People's Agenda, a plan to reverse inequality and restore democracy.

We have the power to make the People's Agenda a reality when we organize and act together in our communities.

Ted Tripp