This picture was found at 116 Seventh Street in Apalachicola. In the Sept. 1 Times, an Apalachicola resident who grew up in the house where the photo was found said she believed it to be her grandparents, Pleasant and Laurietta James. Pleasant James Jr. and his father, also Pleasant James, were both barbers and well-known in Apalachicola.

Last week we were contacted by Chuck Duncan, of Kokomo, Indiana and Apalachicola, who said he searched census records for 131 Avenue F, the address on the back of the photo.

Duncan said according to the Census Bureau, Jonas and Johanna Walker lived at 131 Avenue F, which they owned from 1910 to 1940. In support of this idea, the name Mrs. J.H. Walker and the address 131 Avenue F were written in pencil on the back of the photograph.

Both Walkers were African-American and born in Georgia. Jonas was an oysterman who had completed fourth grade. He also did odd jobs and was still working part-time at the age of 67 in 1940.

In 1920, 22-year-old Willie Lee Bevins lived with the Walkers. She is described as a mulatto and Johanna Walker is named as her mother.

In 1930 Willie L. Biorus, 20, who is listed as the Walkers’ widowed daughter, and Charles Biorus, 2, who is listed as their grandson, both lived at 131 Avenue F.

In 1940 Willie Lee Bevins (Bivins), 29, stepdaughter, and the Walkers’ grandson Charles Gadson, 12, lived with the Walkers. Both Johanna Walker and Bevins were working as laundresses.

Alma McMillan came forward in late September with additional information on Willie Bivens/Biorus.

Johanna Walker was married three times, according to the US Census.

In 1900 Johanna is listed as the 23-year old wife of 32-year old Simon Bivins. They had a daughter, 2-year old Willie L. and a son Duebond.

By 1910, Duebond was not longer listed on the census, but Johanna is the wife of 43-year-old Will Culan and Willie Lee Bivins is their 12-year-old daughter.

By 1920, Johanna is married to Jonas Clark and Willie Lee Bivins is listed as their 22-year old stepdaughter.

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