For the fourth year, Apalachicola’s Justin B. Griffin Skate Park will get a new addition, thanks to a lot of frightened people.

Last weekend the former Apalachicola High School gym became the ‘The Compound” in the latest installment of the J.B.G. Haunted House. Griffin, an avid skateboarder, perished in a car accident on July 23, 2010.

“The biggest challenge for us each year is finding a venue in which to have it,” said his mom, Beckie Jones. “We were fortunate enough to be able to use the Fort Coombs Armory twice in the past, but due to recent renovations there, the fee we were going to be charged to use it would have far surpassed what we make on admission.”

Instead, Griffin’s extended family transformed The Nest into a hive of horror, with people lined up both nights to take part.

Last year the proceeds went to buy three new pieces, and the year before, to purchase one big ramp. Jones said this year’s addition should arrive in December.

“We feel like being able to provide new equipment in December is almost a way for us to give Justin a Christmas present, along with the community. We’re hopeful that we can find a constant venue that will allow us to do the haunted house without adding to our overhead so we can continue to provide this source of entertainment and help us continue to add equipment to the park.”

In addition to Jones, taking part this year were Ronnie Jones, Chris Griffin, Ashley Abbott, Carrie Johnson, Brett Johnson, Brad Johnson, Jamie Johnson, Betty Sasnett, Schuyler Donahue, Alyssa Robinson, Sophia Kirvin, David Varnes, Angela Arroyo, Connor Mathes, Tanner Moses, Steve Freeman, and Walter and Amber Jochim.