Halloween has come and gone leaving lots of happy memories.

It was a beautiful night as hundreds of youngsters and oldsters took to the streets to celebrate the spookiest day of the year.

Mike and Carla Cates and Mark Willis turned Lafayette Park into a movie theatre for the evening, with continuous showings of Hotel Transylvania and free popcorn popped on the site.

Enormous spiders lurked in the dark corners of the historic district, spewing their webs through the branches of the live oaks and porches of the stately homes. Here and there an unfortunate soul could be seen captured in the sticky maze.

At the Applebee house, the exhibit this year was a toxic waste spill with skeletal forms dissolving into glowing green slime. Homer Simpson discussed the problem over a can of cold Duff beer amid streams of warning tape.

At the Stutzman house a 20-foot cat with flashing green eyes towered over the rooftop.

The corner of Ave C and Ninth Street combined spooky decorations with special effects to create a graveyard ambiance that left even hardened horror enthusiasts with nightmares.

This year, the new thing was holograms of ghosts and demons that flickered in windows and doorways or circled under the oaks in a spectral waltz.

Some Apalachicola residents opined that the count of beggars was a little down this year but there was still no shortage and many donned fabulous costumes. There was a trash collector complete with truck; a strawberry; a pair of Godzillas, a flatbed full of Hulks and too many Captain Americas to count.

On the island, a cow crossing got the attention of trick-or-treaters and slowed them down to collect loot.

In Apalachicola a mobile candy unit pursued goblins and ghosts to gift them with candy.

Once again we remember why it is such a joy to live in Franklin County.