On Oct. 6, Franklin County soundly defeated Aucilla Christian in four quarters of action, winning 36-14.

Aucilla received the opening kickoff but was shut down by a wall of defense. The Hawk D shut the runnig game down completely, forcing Aucilla to to got the air. Defensive captain linebacker K.W. Newell had an interception and took it back for about a 70-yard return. The defensive line couple not be stopped, applying pressure down after down.

Notable mentions were “Big” Blake Chastain. Charlie Carter, Kyron Wheeler and Charlee Winchester. The defsnive squad played a near perfect gamne, giving up only one Aucilla touchdown on a long pass.

On the offensive side of the ball, the normally high flying Hawks got their wings clipped, obviously due to some outside scouting by the Aucilla coaching staff. Their defense picked up six points on a well-read pass which was intercepted and returned for a TD.

Aucilla held the Seahawks to a minimum on the passing game but due to some adjustments by Coach Tony Yeomans the young Seahawks went marching down the field on a ground assault led by Lamarius “Monk” Martin. On the night, Martin would account for four Seahawk rushing TDs, including a kick off return to start the second half.