On Oct. 1 the Gym Rats - Ed and Kate Aguiar, Arden Coley and Bob Landiss - walked away with the gold after finishing with a total score of 165 in the sixth annual Putt Masters Miniature Golf Tournament.

Coley tied Newt Colston for low round for the tourney with a low, low 37.

Colston's team, Foot Wedge Crew, - Newt and Adele Colston and Skip and Terry Kemp - took the red ribbon with a score of 168. The team sponsored by Dail’s Seafood, - Anna and Peewee Carmichael, Deyton Grey and Wayne Walker, - took third with a score of 176.

High round for 2016 Putt Masters went to the team sponsored by Steve Harris with 246 strokes.

Putt Masters was, once again, hosted by the Red Pirate Grill and Oyster Bar in Eastpoint.

Marian Moore, spokesperson for the organizers said the Friends of the Franklin County Library were pleased with the turnout and funds raised by the event.

Fourteen teams competed. Sponsors included St. George Island Realty; Journeys of St. George Island/Paddy’s Raw Bar; Sometimes It’s Hotter; Island Yoga Class; Forgotten Coast Fitness and Wellness; Dail’s Seafood; the St. George Island and Eastpoint Fire Departments; Eastpoint Medical Center; Realtor Steve Harris; the Carrabelleans; the Colstons and Kemps and the Dinner Divas, who sponsored two teams.

Other major sponsors were Weems Memorial Hospital, Centennial Bank, Franklin County Health Department and Sign De-Sign.