As the season changes and weather becomes colder, Seahawk students must wear more to stay warm and cozy. While being warm is definitely the priority, please remember to follow the dress code.

Students may layer up to stay comfortable during the school day as long as a school shirt is still worn. This means a long sleeve shirt underneath a school shirt, a Seahawk hoodie or a school shirt with any type hoodie as long as it has a zipper. Of course a coat or jacket may be worn over all of the Seahawk gear when outside.

It is also acceptable to wear gloves, toboggans, skull caps and ear warmers while outside of the buildings. All of this gear must be removed after coming into the classroom. Basically, wear as much as necessary to stay warm, but make sure Seahawk attire is visible while inside of the classroom.

Franklin County School will be ordering long sleeve Seahawk shirts and hoodies available for purchase for elementary through senior students. The Dollar General in Eastpoint also has hoodies available to purchase that are acceptable for school. If there are other locations, please let the school know so we can make students aware of these other outlets.

Christy Thompson is dean of students at Franklin County High School. She can be reached at