I have witnessed one of the ugliest deeds ever perpetrated against a faithful public servant in Franklin County. The recent shenanigans occurring during the crucifying of our Eastpoint librarian have both stunned and saddened me.

In her position as our county librarian, Anne Birchwell has served the public and her employees with enthusiasm, professionalism and judgment. She has brought programs and funding to the library in ways that suited and benefitted the children, adult citizens and visitors, businesses and families of the area. She has taken care of the needs of family members with physical handicaps. She satisfied the state’s demand for the job’s necessary credentials with years of intensive study and training. She has fought a valiant fight against a disease trying to claim her health. She has set the example for employees and volunteers by tirelessly working long and productive hours in her position. The real miracle is in doing all this concurrently, not one at a time.

We should be rewarding and honoring Ms. Birchwell with support and medals, not reviewing her case in her absence, and certainly not allowing personal vendettas to make their way without due process into our permanent, public county commission records and our unique local history.

Shame on us.

Dawn Evans Radford