A house at 1065 East Gulf Beach Drive on St. George Island suffered serious damage Thursday afternoon, although no one was injured.

The fire at "Five O'clock Somewhere" erupted at the 3,200 square foot rental house on St. George Island, built in 2005. Firefighters said they the cause may have been from a kitchen fire that got out of hand.

Jay Abbott, chief of the St. George Island Volunteer Fire Department, said trucks from the island and Eastpoint responded, as well as emergency units from Weems Memorial Hospital.

“We saved the houses on each side, we foamed them immediately,” he said. “Eastpoint responded with immediate mutual aid; we couldn't have done it without them.

“EMS jumped in too,” Abbott said. “It is amazing how well things have worked since Jarrett Wester came onboard. He jumped in with both feet and has really turned that department around.”

Hannah Lolley, the administrative assistant with Resort Vacation Properties, says it was the third fire of the summer and the second in one of their homes. She said the renters were all down at the beach except for the grandfather who was napping and awoke to the fire.

Beth Brinkley, one of Resort Vacation’s owners, spent the evening moving the renters into another house and helping them to replace groceries and belongings.