On Friday, Tara and Michael Roberts of Apalachicola hosted a kind of art exhibit, new to our area, that promises to be popular.

In the charming setting of Michael’s fishing shop and the rear garden, artist Anne Hempel displayed her paintings for about 100 art enthusiasts invited to the showing by the Bowery Gallery.

First devised as a way of urging customers to take advantage of a one-off chance to buy something or eat something, the pop-up art shows are part of an increasing creative interest in "site-specific" theatre and dance projects. Garages, car parks, warehouses and disused transport terminals are all being given an unexpected afterlife this summer as hundreds of pop-up shows bloom across the nation.

The outdoor setting was ideal to show off Hempel’s creative efforts and the shifting evening light created beautiful patterns on the highly textured canvases.

Hempel creates her work on hand-crafted wood panels that her husband, a biologist, builds for her. She applies seven or eight layers of thickened acrylic paint creating an impasto style that reflects light and adds expressiveness to the painting, and uses glazes and washes in between layers to build rich color and highlight the texture. Her process evokes a time-weathered patina.

Bowery Gallery owner Leslie Coon said she was very pleased with the evening and that Hempel sold four paintings and a number of prints.

She said the pop-up was her first and that she does not plan to do another before next year. “It’s a very pleasant evening but a lot of work,” said Coon.

Hempel said all of the work on display during the show was created in 2016. “I think I’m always changing,” she said. “With flowers, I’m trying to be looser with movement. I fall in love each piece even if just for a short time.”

To view a gallery of photos taken at the pop-up show go to www.apalachtimes.com.