I apologize for being lax in my columns, sometimes my creative juices freeze up and I have nothing. Today I wish to address the Choice Program, seeing as all of us are eligible due to distance traveled. I have been very satisfied with my primary care so I haven’t felt a need to step outside of that but first-hand knowledge is best so I decided to give the Choice Program a go.

My story begins on Sept. 19 when I logged into the Choice website (www.va.gov/opa/ChoiceAct/) and looked up a doctor to provide the care I needed, orthopedic for severe trigger finger, left-hand middle finger. I located a doctor in the Sacred Heart PSJ system, using the locator tool on the website, then called the toll free number (1-866-606-8198) at 9:30 a.m. and reached Courtney. Being a first-time caller she gathered all the patient information and my requested provider (she asked if I would accept another provider if unavailable and I affirmed I would), we discussed my schedule for scheduling then I was informed I would be contacted with my appointment information and the call ended at 9:51 a.m.

On Sept. 27 I received my call scheduling my appointment for Oct. 10 (I am unavailable until then). So far I must admit the system is performing as promised. If things go as smoothly on the 10th I will have to find another subject to address. As always, at your service.

Charles B. Elliott is the veterans’ service officer for Franklin County. He can be reached at 653-8096, by cell phone at 653-7051, or by email to Veteranservice@franklincountyflorida.com