It's happened to many of us at one time or another. We put something on top of our car to free our hands for something else, then drive off, leaving the item on top of the car to fend for itself. The outcome is usually not good.

While in Eastpoint recently, I placed my wallet/purse on top of my car to free both hands so I could lift my old dog into the back seat. I then drove from Eastpoint to Apalachicola to get my prescriptions. When I got to the drugstore and reached for my wallet in the passenger seat, it wasn't there. Oh! No! I remembered I'd put it on top of my car! Where would it be now?

Panic-stricken, I drove back to the vet's in Eastpoint, looking on both sides of the road for a red wallet/purse. It had my life in it: driver's license; credit cards; checkbook; pictures; money! No red wallet appeared along the road.

When I got to the vet's office, they told me a man named Paul Cowan had notified them he and his wife Linda had found the purse, after chasing after flying money down Hwy 98, with another man having stopped also to retrieve the wallet. The vet's office suggested Paul bring it by the office and leave it, since I would be returning later that day.

As I stood in the vet's parking lot wondering what to do next, a vehicle came into the lot and a man got out. Dangling from his hand was my red wallet. I ran to and hugged Paul so hard it must have squeezed the breath out of him.

I could not thank Paul enough for having found and returned my almost lost purse, and all its contents. And, I thank the unidentified man who also assisted in the effort, both stopping on Hwy 98 to do a good deed. It was a community effort between Paul and Linda Cowan, the unidentified man, and the Apalachicola Bay Animal Clinic. They saved my sanity.

Despite our troubled world, it's wonderful to remember there are good and caring people out there. Thank You!

Pam Vest