For many decades the Democrats have proven their strong support for socialism by attacking capitalism and self-reliance, promoting great increases in welfare, reducing our military strength, total acceptance for everything Islamic, introducing sex education in grade schools, removing God from our everyday lives, even outlawing religion in the military, redistribution of wealth, attacks on our Constitution’s First Amendment, constant efforts to eliminate our right to bear arms, uncontrolled spending, irresponsible printing of new money, ever-increasing size of government, misleading our black citizenry with false promises for decades, and praise for our proven enemies Obama, Hilary, Nancy Pelosi and others in high positions; altogether using these and other subversive strategies intentionally undermining the exceptionalisms that have made America so great over the past 246 years. They want to destroy America by corrupting our value systems.

Now we see that in desperation, the Democrats have nominated for local representation Walter Dartland, a self-professed socialist, to represent our 2nd Congressional District. Socialism is not just in Washington, Democrats hope he will succeed Gwen Graham who has now announced she will run for governor in 2018.

Socialism is not America. Socialism is joined at the hip with communism, liberals, and progressives. Bill and Hillary professing throughout the ‘90s “but we are just progressives.” Socialism led to Joseph Stalin’s and Hitler’s false promises resulting in the combined murders of some 60 million to 100 million-plus German and Russian citizens.

Right now, today, oil-rich Venezuela has collapsed as a socialist nation. Venezuela nationalized U.S. oil refineries some 20 years ago. Today their citizens make up the largest number of applicants for U.S. citizenship. Hugo Chavez led them into despair for all except the 2 percent ruling socialist class. Ninety-eight percent live in misery…that’s how socialism works.

It is interesting to note that here in Franklin County since Jan. 2016, of those voters changing their party affiliation, 88 percent changed from Democrat to Republican. This fact is significant proof that an increasing number of local citizens and officeholders are accepting that they no longer can belong to the party of Obama, Hillary, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Such voluntary changes represent character, honesty, courage and intelligence. Blue Dog Democrats are fooling themselves and disinheriting their children. Changes in voter registration can be made until Oct. 11.

On short, socialists don’t know what they don’t know. They think they already know all that is worth knowing. They think patriots are “deplorable.” The presidential winner Nov. 8 will have the authority to appoint one, two, three new members of the our Supreme Court, which will in turn determine whether our Constitution and Bill of Rights will be honored and revered as they were drafted; or ridiculed and distorted and unlawfully openly redefined as they have been the past seven-and-one-half years.

In turn, these appointments will determine whether patriotic virtue will be restored in America, or will America be intentionally further directed into a Godless nation. The choice is very serious, and the choice is ours. Where do you stand? How will you be counted?

Very sincerely,

Frank Venable