What is acceptable at school to quench my thirst? Can I use my cell phone on campus? These are questions that many students have had this year and I would like to reiterate the code of conduct policy this week.

Students are allowed to drink water at any time throughout the school day, provided it does not become an issue with the instructional time. FCS classroom buildings each have two water fountains and students have time during the bell as well as bathroom breaks to quench their thirst. FCS does not allow Yeti containers or any other bottle that is not clear to be carried around campus. Students may bring a drink of choice with their lunch or purchase various selections from the ala carte during lunch. Absolutely, no drinks are allowed inside of a classroom.

This is not a new rule, it is just one that has not been thoroughly enforced at FCS. Our school has purchased Chrome books for every student, in third grade up to the Seahawk seniors. It is a priority to keep them in working condition and liquids are not allowed near one of these electronic devices. Students are asked to keep all water bottles or drinks in their lockers or backpacks during class time.

Cellphones are not allowed to be used during the time of 8 a.m. to 3:08 p.m. at FCS. This is the instructional day and it is spent engaged in learning. If a student is seen accessing their phone during any time at school, it is confiscated and placed in the In School Suspension (ISS) classroom until the end of the day. If a student has had their phone confiscated twice during the school year, a parent is notified of this issue. Upon a third time, a parent must come to the school to retrieve the phone from administration. If a student continues this violation, it will result in ISS and possibly Out of School Suspension if necessary.

The students have been great with compliance thus far and we are off to a fantastic Seahawk year!

Christy Thompson is dean of students at Franklin County School. She can be reached at cthompson@franklin.k12.fl.us