The Franklin County School and the Apalachicola Bay Charter School this year will each earn the same grade on the state’s annual report card, a C.

The two schools finished on opposite ends of the scoring range for this grade, which comprised all those Florida schools who had earned between 41 and 53 percent of the total possible points.

At 53 percent, the ABC School was just a whisker away from a B, while at 41 percent, the Franklin County School managed to just qualify for the C zone.

The tallying for the 2015-16 school grades put a a fresh emphasis on learning gains for students, and that was where the Franklin School was able to perform as well or better as the ABC School.

In mathematics, Franklin School showed learning gains among all students at 42 percent, just below the ABC School’s 49 percent. In terms of the lowest performing 25 percent of the student population, Franklin did better, with 41 percent of these students posting learning gains, compared to just 28 percent at the ABC School.

In English and language arts, Franklin showed 40 percent of its students making learning gains, about 11 percentage points below the ABC School. Among the lowest quartile of students, both schools were more similar, with Franklin at 40 percent, and the ABC School at 44 percent, of these students’ showing progress.

In terms of overall achievement levels, the contrast between the schools was more pronounced. The ABC School numbers showed that about three out of five students had demonstrated proficiency in Englsih and math, compared to only about one in three in these subjects at the Franklin School.

In science, two-thirds of the ABC students showed proficiency, while only half at the Franklin School reached that level.

In terms of points awarded for middle school acceleration, which are given out based on the percentage of students who passed a high school level end-of-course exam, or industry certification, the ABC School had a 56 percent rate, while Franklin’s rate was 35 percent.

Franklin County High School posted a graduation rate of 51 percent, a slight improvement over the year prior.

In terms of high school acceleration points, which is based on the percentage of graduates who earned a score on an acceleration examination such as advanced placement, or a grade in a dual enrollment course that qualified them for college credit or earned an industry certification, FCHS had a percentage of 33.

Both school were awarded grades because each tested a sufficient number of students, in ABC School’s case 98 percent, at Franklin County 94 percent.

The data also showed that ABC School has a higher percentage of minority students, 29 percent compared to Franklin County’s 20 percent, but a lower percentage of economically disadvantaged students. At FCS, the percentage of these students is 89 percent, while it is 74 percent at the ABC School.