I would like to thank the Republican voters who supported me in my unsuccessful bid for a place on the general election ballot as the Republican candidate for superintendent of schools. I am so pleased that 452 Republican voters in Franklin County supported my challenge for us to move into a new era of education and to make Franklin County Schools a model of rural Florida education.

That said, the Republicans of the county have spoken, and the party’s nominee for superintendent of schools is Mr. Frank Stephens. Having given careful consideration to the all three of the fine candidates in the general election, I have concluded Frank Stephens is the person who can successfully move our schools forward. I am endorsing him for superintendent of schools.

In my campaign, I pointed out “Mr. Frank’s” age; it is true that he is up there in years, but he was certainly young enough to defeat me in a campaign, and I have strong support among Franklin County Republicans.

Frank won with an aggressive “ground game.” He spent hours in the months of July and August visiting homes in the intense heat. For a number of reasons, I was unable to spend as much time in the county with voters as I needed to, but Frank has had no problem investing the physical effort necessary to win. His mind is sharp, and he is capable of a huge workload. Frank’s age should not be an issue for Franklin County voters. 

Additionally, Frank is the only candidate qualified for the office of superintendent of schools. He has a master of education degree and 60 hours of graduate education in educational leadership. As the director of Haney Technical Center’s Aviation Academy, Frank excelled as an innovator in establishing an FAA-certified program, and he did this until he took time off in order to run for office here in Franklin County.

In conclusion, Frank Stephens is the most qualified candidate in the superintendent of schools race. He is capable, physically fit, and ready to lead as our superintendent of schools. I am asking all my supporters and every Franklin County voter to elect Mr. Frank Stephens on Nov. 8.

Most sincerely,

Dr. Homer I. McMillan II, Esq.