Retired Wakulla County Judge Mike Carter and his wife Andrea were midway across the St. George Island bridge on Sunday evening, August 14. Judge Carter was sick by Scotch. Do we go right to Tallahassee two hours away, or left to Weems hospital 20 minutes away? A left saved Judge Carter’s life plus excellent medical services.

Foremost Dr. Lamb instantly analyzed the emergency medical condition. Then EKG, blood pressure, CT scan, chest x-ray and lastly blood tests confirmed Dr. Lamb’s diagnosis. Into the Weems emergency ambulance for a rush to Capital Regional Medical Center. After two days of hallucinatory pain medicine followed by six more days of recovery, Judge Carter was released to Eden Springs facility for rehab. He is alive and resting with exercise. Dr. Lamb and the Weems ER staff saved Judge Carter’s life.

Retired Judge Mike Carter