It was Sept. 1926 and the big news was tourism and travel. Cars had become affordable for the working class, and counties and municipalities were scrambling to install better roads and become more accessible to the traveling consumer. Apalachicola was no exception. Take a look.

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The Times 1926 Program

1.       Agricultural development 2.       Early completion of the Gorrie Bridge (Editor’s note: The bridge was completed in 1935.) 3.       Hard surfaced highway to Port St. Joe 4.       A complete system of modern streets 5.       Beautification of City Parks 6.       Clean streets and alleys 7.       A two train schedule 8.       An electric lighting system 9.       A local Pullman car on the A. N. tracks  

Ship and travel via

The Wing Boat Line

Plying between

Apalachicola and Carrabelle, Fla.

Connects with G. F. & A. Ry. At

Carrabelle for all points. Will wait

At Carrabelle for connection with

G. F. & A. Ry. which makes connection

At Tallahassee with east and west

Bound Seaboard Air Line.

Daily Round Trip Service

Leaving Apalachicola, Fla 7 a.m.

Arriving Carrabelle, Fla 10:30 a.m.

Leaving Carrabelle, Fla 3:20 p.m.

Arriving Apalachicola, Fla 6:20 p.m.

Passengers traveling via this line

from Jacksonville, Tallahassee via

Carrabelle to Apalachicola will save

$2.10 each way.

M. L. Wing, President


Bids for city paving opened by commissioners

Bids covering 44,000 square yards of concrete paving and curbing for the downtown business section of the city were opened Tuesday morning by the board of city commissioners. Slattery and Henry Construction Company of Greenville, SC and Vero Beach, FL was awarded the contract on a bid of $110,807.

Owing to a peculiar status of the paving question, no definite award of the contract will be made until Sept. 24. The bid of Walter J. Bryson Company of Jacksonville, FL was filed for consideration until that time.

An estimation made by E. S. Fraser, city engineer was placed at $113,000.

Work is being pushed on the electric lighting system of the city so that the “white way” will be working before the paving is complete.


Zingarelli erects compartment garage

Another compartment garage is being erected at Second Street and Avenue C under the ownership of A. J. Zingarelli. Mr. Zingarelli’s first garage was so successful that he decided to venture again, this time to furnish a garage for visitors who were stopping at hotels in the city.

The building which will house sixteen compartments will be covered with galvanized sheeting of 26-gauge and will be divided into monthly-plan garages and nightly plan, according to Mr. Zingarelli who said that he thought that most of them could be filled with cars right now on the monthly plan. Reservations are being made daily for garages, car owners finding the rental price agreeable.

A delay has been encountered in the delivery of the material, Mr. Zingarelli said, which is coming from Longport, Ky., and should be here any day now.

Just as soon as the covering arrives the building will be rushed to completion to take care of the patrons.


Georgia town city officials “milk” motoring public

Sticking every automobilist that passes through Lake Park

The Florida State Chamber of Commerce has issued a warning to motorists using the highway between Lake City and Valdosta to beware of the Village of Lake Park, GA, a few miles north of the Florida state line. According to reports to the State Chamber the authorities at Lake Park are taking advantage of every excuse to milk motorists and are especially active at arresting and fining drivers of cars bearing the Florida license plate. Lake Park has established a 15 mile an hour speed limit on a highway where, in Florida, under similar conditions, speeds ranging from 30 to 45 miles an hour are permitted.

C. Eugene Hames, St. Petersburg businessman, one of the most recent victims of the Lake Park trap, refused to post the usual

45 bond when arrested and instructed that he should report for trial before the mayor “in a week” or forfeit the sum. He demanded an immediate showdown. According to Hames story he was hauled in before the mayor who informed him he would not be interested in anything the defendant might say but would listen only to the story told by the arresting officer.

Hames reports that when he told the mayor he passed by a car bearing Georgia license while the arresting officer was halting him the mayor replied: “He is one of us and we are not after him. We are after you Florida guys.”

When Hames showed the arresting officer his AAA membership card he quoted the officer as replying harshly: “To &%*$ with your AAA card. We are after the money,”

In issuing the warning the State Chamber asserted that approximately fifty percent of the traffic moving through Lake Park over the highway between Lake City and Valdosta travels through South Georgia to or from Dothan and Montgomery, Alabama. It was suggested that Lake Park might be avoided by motorists bound to of from that territory if they would use the Old Spanish Trail, (Florida State Road No. 1 between Lake City and Marianna via Live Oak, Monticello and Tallahassee, Florida State Road No. 6 from Marianna to the Alabama state line intersects Alabama Highway No. 7, a bee line to Montgomery and Birmingham via Dothan. Should the tactics of Lake Park authorities result in diversion of traffic through West Florida it would result in taking traffic from Valdosta, Quitman, Thomasville, Cairo and Bainbridge, Georgia as well as Lake Park.

The other fifty percent of the traffic moving from north to south through Valdosta and Lake Park, if necessary, can be diverted at Macon and routed to Florida via the Dixie Highway and Waycross.


Filling Station

The lease formerly held by Levy Edwards to the lot and building occupied by the Gulf Filling Station has been acquired by S. E. Rice, jr. local agent of the Gulf Refining Company and advices to Mr. Rice from headquarters of the company indicate that after the first of the year a modern, thoroughly equipped and adequate filling station will be erected on the site. The building will be architecturally an asset to the city, Mr. Rice declared.



Mrs. Aileen Wing, Editor

Mr. R. F. Long drove to Greensboro Sunday taking his son William who will attend school there again this year.


Mr. Edwin Robbins and family drove to East Bay Sunday.


Mr. Herbert Brown drove to East Bay and Sand Beach Sunday.


Mr. A. L. Tucker is building a restaurant adjacent to the ferry landing here. This will be quite a convenience for travelers who come from Apalachicola without eating breakfast. Fish and oysters will no doubt be Mr. Tucker’s specialty.


Capt. Wing came over (to Eastpoint) in the Save Time ferry boat Wednesday bringing two county trucks and crews determined to put the ferry landing in shape to use without more delays. As soon as a way could be made to get the trucks ashore, they were put to work hauling dirt onto the shells which had been placed across the low ground lying between the landing and the high ground. By four thirty the work was sufficiently done so that the trucks could be taken back to Apalachicola.


Mr. H. B. Robbins brought his Chevrolet over on the Save Time ferry Wednesday and went back on it with a truck load of naval stores.