In an unusual move at their September 8 meeting, Carrabelle commissioners voted unanimously to waive a water bill for the swimming pool at the Carrabelle Landings development north of the city.

Shane Carroll said he and his wife have purchased property in the development and are attempting to clean up their own property and public areas. He said he owned no property in 2009 when the $1,600 invoice was issued.

Carroll said he has spent $4,000 on renovating the pool, which was not operational when he purchased his property, and is paying $450 monthly to maintain it. He requested that the water to the pool be turned on in his name.

Carroll said the city is unable to produce a detailed invoice for the water use.

Mayor Brenda LaPaz said records from 2009 cannot be accessed because the city installed a new computer system to handle records. She suggested Carroll reorganize the Carrabelle Landing Homeowners Association. She said that, in the past, the commission has reduced overdue invoices by half for two homeowners associations, Sandlewood and Bungalows by the Bay.

La Paz said the pool was not on Carroll’s property and he was not being forced to turn on the water to the pool and wasn’t under obligation to pay the bill.

Carroll said the only name he could find associated with the development was Barbara Stokes, and that it would be too difficult to locate all of the property owners to form an association, so he wanted to take responsibility for the pool himself.

“I’m not taking it over. Anyone who owns property (at Carrabelle Landings) can come and swim there,” Carroll said.

LaPaz asked City Attorney Dan Hartman to see if there was precedent for waiving the bill and allowing Carroll to put the water bill for a public area of the development in his name.

Commissioner Frank Mathes said if Carroll didn’t use the water he shouldn’t have to pay the $6,295 bill. He moved to forgive the debt and allow Carroll to take responsibility for the pool’s water supply. Cal Allen seconded the motion which passed unanimously. Commissioner Olivia Massey was absent from the meeting.