I would like to take the time this year to keep the community informed on issues concerning our students at FCS. I plan to address popular topics such as the dress code, cellphone use, water bottles, signing out properly to leave campus and the amazing outcomes of student learning. Most importantly, I would like to showcase the positives at FCS that are seen daily around campus with our students.

The first topic of discussion with be the FCS dress code. I will do my best to clarify so that each and every person reading can be sure of the dress code at FCS.

Yes, we have students wearing button-up shirts. Yes, they look different and nice. Yes, the shirt is buttoned up halfway or open and of course they do have on underneath, the Seahawk school shirt. Yes, students may wear Seahawk hoodies, without wearing the actual hood, unless it's COLD outside. Yes, students may wear jackets or coats over their Seahawk school shirt, as long as it has a zipper that can be down far enough to see the logo, unless it's COLD outside. Please take a look at the photos to see examples of students dressed appropriately.

Our students’ certainty understand the rule and have been fantastic with compliance.

My motto and professional standard is consistency. I encourage any and every one to please visit our campus, volunteer to help around the school, in classrooms, athletic fields, after school programs and most importantly please alert administration of any discrepancies of the above mentioned facts or other concerns. Trust me, our students are rocking it and doing what they are supposed to do because they are responsible, respectful and safe Seahawks. They truly own it this year.

Please feel free to call me at the school for any questions that you may have concerning our school and students. I am for the students. Ask the students about me, then tell me, how I am doing in regards to my position? I ask, I reflect, I implement. Again, if you need further clarification on any aspect of FCS, I will take that responsibility and deliver the correct information. If I do not know, I will ask too. All you have to do is ask and I will do my best to answer your concern. That helps everyone and keeps us all on the same Seahawk page. I look forward to helping the students of Franklin County School truly own their year!

Christy Thompson is dean of students at Franklin County School. She can be reached at cthompson@franklin.k12.fl.us