Franklin County Schools have a record of dismal grades under the past and current superintendents.  We have been up-graded to a "C" grade.  Evidently, the $90,000 salary or a new school that the Taxpayers paid for has Not improved anything!

Ask yourself, "What's wrong with our schools and why is my child failing?"  The answer comes down to Poor Leadership!  Gee, and we elected them!  That's our “Bad!”

Perhaps another reason our children are failing is "our fault".  That's what I said, "our fault!” We tend to vote for the “Local” (even if not qualified), or "families stick together" or we vote strictly “Party,” i.e. Democrat or Republican.

What's wrong with voting for the most qualified?  Sometimes a new approach is needed to bring quality and professionalism to solve the problems.  I believe the person who is best qualified and that we can trust to turn our schools around is Dr. Sue Summers.  The following are a few of her accomplishments and credentials:

Over 35 years in education, classroom teacher, director of instruction and special programs, superintendent of schools, program director Florida DOE, established an annual review process for budget, staffing needs, and instructional programs based on date, utilized zero based funding, and much more.  The most impressive were the District grades in 2008-12 - C, B, A, B !  Wow!  This was under her tenure in Liberty County.

Our children want to learn if only given the opportunity and challenges.  They can only learn what they are taught.  Don't sit back and keep the "same 'ole, same 'ole.  Be a part of the Solution!

Shirley Cox