The Franklin County Public Library presented “Music as a Second Language” to introduce the eight students enrolled in the County after-school music program, who made their début by demonstrating skills in piano, guitar, percussion, & voice.  This music program is made possible by the musical-group Melodime, Commissioner Rick Watson & Rock by the Sea of St. George Island, Patrick Kelly of Harry A’s, Beth Gosnell & Rock by the Sea, and The Friends of the Franklin County Public Library.

Volunteer teachers are Frank Miceli, Bo May, Tony Partington and Anne Birchwell.  The Franklin County Public Library sends out a huge thank you to these volunteers and donors who helped make this program a reality.  A very special thank you goes to the parents of the musical students for the encouragement and time they spend assisting their students to become musicians.  There will be a second musical season in 2017.

Music students:

Avery Pharr – keyboard

Ethan Edgecomb – electric guitar

Kayleigh Messer – acoustic guitar

Summer Cephull – vocal

Sophia Whiteley – acoustic guitar & vocal

Kaden Downing – drum

Alonah Segree – keyboard

Zachary Cabrera – acoustic guitar

There were a few solos and group performances included “Horse with No Name,” “Seminole Wind,” and “We Will Rock You.”