In the worlds we live, we rarely are viewed as individuals. We are more likely to be classified as a group. However, studies have shown that all children learn at their own pace. From inside the womb a baby is learning how the world works. Children begin learning from the sounds they hear from the world outside.

Early childhood intervention is important due to the fact times have changed and so have families; in days past, mothers stayed home with their children, yet now that is no longer an option for families. Parents or guardian are so busy trying to provide for the needs of the children that many times  developmental delays go unrecognized.

Every family enjoys hearing that their child or children is on target developmentally, but not always recognizes when there is a need for intervention. Early  childhood intervention was created to supply the parents and the children with useful tips and education on where each child should be developmentally based on their age. Teachers attend workshops to improve their skills and knowledge on how to detect early delays or advancements in children. Once a teacher  uses their knowledge, then it is up to the early childhood intervention specialist to refer them to the next step.

To sum it all up, early childhood intervention is important for  all children; when children are placed in a high quality childcare center there is an assurance that each child will receive the appropriate developmentally practices to ensure success in their future.

Alexis Sorensen