Are you working hard at your career or ministry and trusting God to open doors for you?

Do you wonder if you’ll ever experience the success you had hoped for? Do you find it difficult not to be jealous when God seems to bless others in their efforts more than He seems to be blessing yours?

You want to be glad for others’ successes, but you can’t help wonder when it will be your turn to be recognized at work, right? If you’re a pastor, when will your congregation grow? If you’re a speaker, singer or songwriter, perhaps you’re waiting for your talent (and message) to finally take off; or if you’re an architect or engineer, to be appreciated for your designs.

As an aspiring writer, I can relate. However, Psalm 25:1 helps me gain the perspective I desire: “Unto You, O Lord, do I bring my life” (AMPC).

I want to get better at trusting God as my Lord, the boss of my life – that is, when I allow Him to be. When I commit all of my dreams, expectations and disappointments to God, I’m also keeping my relationship with Him, and my faith in Him, as my priority.

Sometimes our dreams and expectations of promotions or fame is not God’s plan for us. Can we be okay with that?

Perhaps, it would help if we were able to peel back the curtain and see our Father’s pleasure when we serve Him at our jobs or in our ministries with a pure heart, especially when we don’t receive any recognition. And imagine how much grander His delight would grow when we continue to serve Him with a pure heart even when we notice the seemingly better successes of others. Wouldn’t that vision of the One we are honored to serve be unforgettably breathtaking?

If that were God’s plan, can we pray seeing His pleasure would be enough for us?

Lord, You know us well, including our passions and our dreams. We give them to You. Indeed, we bring You our life to be used for Your purpose – and Your pleasure.

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