Teaching is a passion that comes from a special calling. In reality we are all teachers in life. As teachers we hold the keys to empower, lift up, support, and love. A parent teaches a child, a boss teaches the worker. My question for you is, what are you teaching? 

In life I've had many people who have impacted my life. My parents of course, but there was always that teacher who was ever-present. A teacher who poured out every drop of their being into me. He/she didn't have to, but they chose to. They chose to invest in our community, our future. We, the Seahawk teachers at Franklin County School have chose to invest in your child's life. Will you support us?

As a homegrown teacher, it breaks my heart to see our community bashing themselves. My heart weeps when I see people making snide comments about our Franklin County Seahawks on social media. It shakes me when I hear people in the community belittling myself and my coworkers. These teachers give their all to your child. If you want to change the atmosphere...change your attitude.

If you're sitting at the dining room table or driving in the car bashing our teachers, our school family, our students; you are taking away our ability to empower. Your child will harbor resentment for their school and their teacher. They will no longer find joy or value in their education. So, instead of seeing the negatives, find the positives. Instead of saying what needs to be changed come and be a part of the change. There are positive things happening at FCS. Don't destroy the success...build it up!

Invest. Invest your time, invest in your children! Come and volunteer or join the PTO. Go to the home football games. Show our students (your child) you are choosing to invest in them and their teachers! 

I, a homegrown Seahawk teacher challenge you to "own it.”

Keep soaring Seahawk family! 

Natasha Pennycuff