As newly returned residents of Apalachicola, my wife and I were sorry to learn of the closing, and then temporary reopening, of a city recycling station on Commerce Street due to abuse of the facility by those dumping trash there. But we were encouraged that there remained a station on 14th Street.

Recently I took an assortment of recyclable stuff (newspapers, plastics, tin cans) there and found three bins empty and the area clean. One bin had the customary labeled opening for paper, plastics, etc. but no dividers inside at all. The other two bin (one without a top) showed no designation whatsoever. A nearby bucket (presumably for trash) had no holes in it for drainage, so mosquito larvae were swimming in it freely and abundantly.’

For those of us who try to recycle plastic containers, paper, etc, I am glad we have at least the one station in town, but with no designation for type of material, it is not surprising that everything goes into the bins indiscriminately. I fear, therefore, that the bins indeed simply serve as a dumping site, Can’t we do better?


Wesley Chesnut



Editor’s note: A call to the county solid waste department confirmed that provided an item is indeed recyclable, it is acceptable to place it in any of the four openings. All the contents of the recycling containers are dumped out in a pile at the landfill, and then state inmates go through and separate the different items appropriately. The spokesman did say that it is important that people do not leave beyond non-recyclable goods, such as yard waste or household garbage, windows, mirrors, plastic furniture, Styrofoam and other such items that cannot be recycled. If you have questions, call solid waste at 670-8167.