Aleta Baker said she he has been attacked by dogs in Tillie Miller Park twice in a single year.

During the public comments portion of the August 4 Carrabelle city meeting, Heather Walker asked commissioners to take action to protect citizens from roaming dogs.

She said her grandmother; Baker, was attacked again last week in the children’s play area of the park. Walker asked if the area could be fenced.

Mayor Brenda La Paz said there was no available funding to build a fence. “I’d like to see that area fenced too,” she said.

La Paz said the city does not have an animal control officer and told Walker to contact the county. “If you know the owner, (the city) can issue a citation under ordinance 199,” she told Walker.

Aleta’s husband Kenny Baker said the first attack occurred in the same area almost a year ago to the day. He said three dogs were involved in the latest incident, “two ankle-biters and a German shepherd.”

“All three dogs belong to the Winchesters,” he said. “You’ve got 15 to 17 dogs running around Carrabelle.”

 “Thank goodness it’s not as bad as last time,” Kenny Baker said. “I am still paying the doctor bills for that. It was $30,000.”

LaPaz said she would ask city police to begin issuing citations for stray dogs and would publish a notice to dog owners in the newspaper. She asked the public to assist animal control by reporting any strays they see.

“We have a leash law. If you call the police, they have to respond,” Commissioner Olivia Massey said.

 “It sounds like the dogs are running up and down the road,” City Attorney Dan Hartman said. “Who are you going to issue a citation too? If someone said those are not my dogs, it’s up to animal control.” - By LOIS SWOBODA